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Teen Business Academy (TBA)

TBA is a leadership and business development program for teenagers, where participants are taken through a journey of self-discovery, vision analysis and execution that will help them choose, forge and build a formidable career path in concordance with their areas of giftings and strengths.

Our Philosophy

We have learnt through our long years of experience in the human capacity development space that the person with the business acumen will always win the battle of supremacy in the world marketplace of value creation and service delivery and as such we deliver business growth and life changing modules in TBA ranging from Mastering the business of your identity and purpose, Basic success philosophies, skills and values, Wealth acquisition, retention and management, Effective communication, Personal leadership etc.

Entrepreneurial  & Soft Skills Training

Entrepreneurial skill training teaches them the ability to recognize economic opportunities and ways to maximize such opportunities, leveraging on their knowledge of entrepreneurship to develop and commercialize an idea. The need to move into self-employment is crucial. so it is essential to have an entrepreneurial mindset to encourage self-employment.

With the recent socio-economic situation, students are expected to have a strong academic background and have skills that will make them employable and be good leaders. A handful of these life skills include effective communication and presentation skills, Time management, resource management etc.


Entrepreneurial skills magnifies success in this technology-driven world.

 At Teen Business Academy, teens will learn how to recognize economic opportunities and ways to maximize such opportunities while leveraging on the knowledge gained from TBA entrepreneurship training to develop and commercialize a business idea. 

Our Entrepreneurship Training will help in strengthening their self-efficacy. They will learn how to create and deploy an entrepreneurial mindset to encourage self-employment and that of others.

TBA Entrepreneurship training will expose them to their strengths and giftings that will help them choose a profitable career path in allowing them to succeed in their Personal/Family businesses in the nearest future.


30 Boundary Road Opposite Oni Opkaku Villa, G.R.A, Benin City, Edo State.

(+234)708 544 7462