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Center-ECD is a community of people committed to leveraging technology, collaborations, and partnerships to democratize enterprise and personal development knowledge through program development, specialized academies, sector-specific training, and classes to help individuals and businesses optimize so they can earn more, hire more, and ultimately build a sustainable society.


Tech Hub

Ignite innovation and collaboration in our state-of-the-art Tech Hub, fostering a dynamic ecosystem for tech enthusiasts and creators.

Co-working Spaces

Elevate your work experience in our flexible co-working spaces designed to inspire productivity, creativity, and meaningful connections.

Private Offices

Tailored for success, our private offices offer a dedicated and professional environment for focused work and business operations.

Training halls

 Empower your learning journey in our versatile training halls, equipped for impactful workshops, seminars, and educational events.

Business Incubation and Business Acceleration

Launch your entrepreneurial dreams with our business incubation programs, providing the essential support and resources for startup success.

Business Development Service (BDS) Provider Startup Support

Access tailored business development services to optimize strategies, enhance operations, and achieve sustainable growth.

SCOPiT Dev. (School of Computer Programming and Information Technology Development)

Shape the future of technology at SCOPiT Dev., our School of Computer Programming and Information Technology Development, dedicated to nurturing tech skills.

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Educational Hub

Comprehensive and specialized programs Executive education for various audiences

Innovation Ecosystem

Tech Hub and SCOPiT Dev. for technological advancement

Business Optimization Center

Business Development Service (BDS) Provider Startup support for entrepreneurs
Programs and Services

Executive Programs

❖ Teen Business Academy (TBA)

Leadership and business development program for teenagers.

❖ CEO Conclave

One-day executive education program for CEOs and Senior Management Executives.

❖ Public Speaking Academy (PSA)

5-day executive education program for students, youths, and aspiring speakers.

Future Entrepreneurs Accelerator Program (FEAP):

6-week executive business incubation program for entrepreneurs and startups.

❖ Communication for Business Growth and Development (CBGD)

One-day executive education program for CEOs and Senior Management Executives.

The African  Center for Enterprise & Capacity Development (Center-ECD) is a Social Enterprise, Entrepreneurship & Human Capital/Capacity Development Center registered in Nigeria. Center-ECD runs an ecosystem where human capital can be optimized for social impact and global good


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