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Attention!!! Graduates and Job Seekers

Spend 4-Days with us and we would show you.....

How to Uncover Hidden Jobs. A Step-by-Step procedure to getting your dream job in 30-days

Do you ever feel like you are not fully ready to get that job you aspire to get because you don’t have a well structured CV?



You are fed up with applying for different job roles without getting feedback because you feel you don’t meet the requirement of the hiring companies?




You successfully get calls from hiring companies yet you are not hired, because you are unable to answer their interview questions.




You are employed but not getting the best value from the job hence you want to change job?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Most training companies &trainers train individuals & leave them without knowing what to do next but this course is accompanied by a 30 days hand-holding group coaching & Support Structure till you get your dream job

Getting your dream job is easy YES,you can, in 30-90 days or less by following our Step-by Step guide

Expected Outcome After The 4Days

  • 1. Get a job in 30-90 Days (Guaranteed )

2. Get clarity on career path

Not all jobs are yours

There are jobs that aligns with your gifts,talents,qualification

3. Get clarity on your identity,purpose & assignment

There are multiple jobs waiting for you on the other side of your IDENTITY, PURPOSE & ASSIGNMENT.

4. Mastery of your Self Worth

5. Become Solution Focused.

Your interviewer is having a problem that makes them declare vacancy, your solution gives you the job


My name is Osayi Tres- Omokaro popularly known as the father of start-up in Benin city. I have successfully trained over 1000 graduates & idea owners and watched them scale while giving a framework to help them succeed.

And one of the things I  pride myself on is that for every job interview I attended, I got the job, and today I sit on the board of multiple businesses interviewing others


After these four days of engagements, you will be added to a group that would include like minds, where i will offer group coaching and guide you until you get your next job.


You would be privileged to get your C.V reviewed and approved by us


You would also get job updates from us and our partners.


And we will also recommend you to our HR partners


All this for you….. Isn’t that amazing


The goal is to guide you to get your dream job in the next 90days or less. 


We are giving first 20 persons to register half the price.

This offer of 50% will be off by 15th August 2022 & price will go back to 30,000 after the first 20 persons.

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