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CEO Conclave

CEO Conclave
Attend a Highly Coveted Session of forward thinking CEOs, Deep Thinkers, Industry Experts & Thriving Business Owners in Benin City!!!

CEO Board room
Are you:
A Chief Executive Officer?
A Founder?
A Top Management Personnel of a Startup Business, Small and Medium Enterprise/Mid-sized Company resident in Benin City, Edo State?
CEO Conclave is a gathering of Chief Executive Officers, Founders and Top Management Personnel of Startup Businesses, Small and Medium Enterprises and Mid-Sized Companies.
It’s a hang out where pre-selected CEO exchange thoughts and ideas around a chosen topic for the month/quarter. We may or may not get an external person to teach or guide the conversation on the topic chosen.

System Structure

We will have a System Analyst share with us How to build the necessary Systems and Structures that allows our businesses to grow with or without our physical presence.

Financial Support

We will have a banker come to share with us the needed structures to have in place to be able to access banking loans and other financial supports available in their bank.

Busines Branding

We will get tips on how to package our businesses to access grants and other non-financial supports to grow our businesses in this challenging time in the history of mankind.

Refreshment & Networking

We will use the opportunity to unwind, have fun, eat, drink, expand our network and seal deals
This is a Free Highly Coveted Session only open to invited CEOs.
The Goal is to create Synergy, Bond, and Networking Opportunities for Active Business Owners in Edo State in General and Benin City in particular.

Osayi Omokaro
We are eager to have you share and learn with us.
We will give you a call after which you will receive your invite if you scale through for this session.
Otherwise, you will get a link to join us virtually.


Osayi Tres Omokaro
Convener: CEO Conclave

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