African Center for Enterprise & Capacity Development (Center-ECD) is a not-for-profit Entrepreneurship & Human Capital/Capacity Development foundation registered in Nigeria. Center-ECD was founded on the inspiration of creating an ecosystem where human capital can be optimized for social impact and global good.
Center-ECD offers exclusive programmes, executive programmes and short courses (customised to specific entrepreneurs and company needs, as well as open-enrolment courses) in management as it systematically strives to improve the practice of leadership & management on the African continent. Besides the quality bar set at world standards while employing global methodologies, Center-ECD programmes also stand out because of the emphasis on professional ethics and service to the community.
Education at Center-ECD is comprehensive, drawing on the experiences of a multinational faculty and diverse participants. Learning is participant-centred and uses the case study method where organizations and individuals are collectively studied and used as reference points with regard to their industry practice and decisions over time. Due to the state-of-the-art teaching by experts and relevance of programmes and curriculum as well as the overall benefits derived from attending, activities held on the Center’s purpose-built facilities serve more than 1,500 participants yearly from indigenous and multinational companies.
Center-ECD has a robust alumni association with more than 300 members. This asset base, as well as the close relationship with the corporate world, ensures that the programmes offered and curriculum taught are of international standards and locally relevant.