The growing use of computers at virtually all levels, whether personal or professional, has heightened the need for developing countries to improve Digital Literacy, which is a key to alleviating poverty.

As a result, African Center for Enterprise and Capacity Development (CENTER-ECD) is providing Digital Skills Training for Students and Young Graduates so that they are not further marginalized by those who are more competitive.
At a time when resources are scarce and expensive, businesses are looking for ways to save cost by automation of their processes. This leads to an increase in the demand for computing resources and employees with digital skills to manage these processes.
Training in this profession has gained traction as more and more companies require basic Digital Skills. In this age of information technology, workers are attempting to upgrade their skills or risk becoming outdated, as every industry relies on the use of computers to reduce costs and boost efficiency.

The Center has resolved to provide digital skills training for young graduates as a means of empowering them and improving their lifestyles. A person with well-developed computer abilities can typically contribute more value in a workplace, increasing his or her self-worth.
The 2-week course covers topics such as soft skills, time management, communication styles, and technical training.
The Digital Literacy Training Program prepares youths to be tech-savvy by providing them with fundamental computer training, introduction to digital devices, operating digital devices, introduction to the Internet, Internet communications, and Internet applications.