Public Speaking Academy (PSA)


Public Speaking Academy (PSA)

Public Speaking Academy (PSA)

PSA is a 5-day executive education program designed to inspire and train students, youths and aspiring speakers to become charismatic speakers who will effectively address an audience and communicate to them with clarity and confidence with multiple skill sets including that of storytelling. We believe in practical and effective public speaking strategies acquired through learning by case studies. We have learnt through our long years of experience in the human capacity development space that the person who connects deepest with an audience and commands their attention can effectively and consistently monetize the public speaking skill and as such we deliver smart speaking modules which include but not limited to Introduction to public speaking, Informative speaking, Effective listening, Organizing and outlining, Speech Delivery, Introductions and Conclusions, Visual aids, Critical thinking and reasoning, Audience analysis, Persuasive speaking, Supporting your ideas, Use of Language, Ethics in Public speaking, Speaking with confidence, group presentations, origin of public speaking, speech videos and resources.

The AfricanĀ  Center for Enterprise & Capacity Development (Center-ECD) is a Social Enterprise, Entrepreneurship & Human Capital/Capacity Development Center registered in Nigeria. Center-ECD runs an ecosystem where human capital can be optimized for social impact and global good


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