Future Entrepreneurs Accelerator Program (FEAP)


Future Entrepreneurs Accelerator Program (FEAP)

Future Entrepreneurs Accelerator Program (FEAP)

FEAP is a 6-week executive business incubation program designed to provide entrepreneurs and startups with cutting-edge industry knowledge and facilities for their business growth, development and overall sustainability by employing the case-study method to learn through a hybrid of subject-matter-expert and process-expert drove facilitator method. We believe in practical and effective management strategies acquired through learning through case studies. We have learnt through our long years of experience in the human capacity development space that the person with the business acumen will always win the battle of supremacy in the world marketplace of value creation and service delivery and as such we deliver business growth and life-changing modules in FEAP ranging from Business Structure and Management, Customer acquisition and retention, Business Traction, Effective Financial Models, Staff Management, Organizational, Communication that works, Business Growth Strategies etc.

The AfricanĀ  Center for Enterprise & Capacity Development (Center-ECD) is a Social Enterprise, Entrepreneurship & Human Capital/Capacity Development Center registered in Nigeria. Center-ECD runs an ecosystem where human capital can be optimized for social impact and global good


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