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Our Executive Programs

Center-ECD offers Executive Programs and short courses (customized to specific entrepreneurs and company needs, as well as open-enrolment courses) in management as it systematically strives to improve the practice of leadership & management on the African continent. 

Teen Business Academy (TBA)

TBA is a leadership and business development program for teenagers, where participants are taken through a journey of self-discovery, vision analysis and execution that will help them choose, forge and build a formidable career path in concordance with their areas of giftings and strengths.

CEO Conclave (CEO-C)

CEO-C is a one-day executive education program designed to inspire, train and help CEO’s and Senior Management Executives gain state-of-the-art management knowledge and skills for business growth, by employing the case-study method to learn.

Public Speaking Academy (PSA)

PSA is a 5-day executive education program designed to inspire and train students, youths and aspiring speakers to become charismatic speakers who will effectively address an audience and communicate to them with clarity and confidence with multiple skill sets including that of storytelling.

Future Entrepreneurs Accelerator Program (FEAP)

FEAP is a 6-week executive business incubation program designed to provide entrepreneurs and startups with cutting-edge industry knowledge and facilities for their business growth, development, and overall sustainability by employing the case-study method to learning through a hybrid of subject-matter-expert and process-expert driven facilitator method.

Employability and Digital Literacy Training

This is a 2-week intensive Employability and Digital Literacy Training program designed to prepare youths to be job ready and tech-savvy by providing them with fundamental computer training, introduction to digital devices, operating digital devices, introduction to the Internet, Internet communications, and Internet applications.

How we Work

Center-ECD collaborates with individuals (Professionals), professional institutions,  government agencies, national, international agencies, and organizations to develop programs to drive the optimization of the human capacity to create solutions to the myriad of challenges the world faces and will face.

We believe strongly in the limitless capacity of the Human Specie of God’s creation, we know that when people are able to develop their innate capacity, they can achieve any goal, irrespective of the challenge and hurdles  


30 Boundary Road Opposite Oni Opkaku Villa, G.R.A, Benin City, Edo State.

(+234)708 544 7462